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Contextual Statement

I am a Learning Technologist working in the Learning Innovation Unit (LIU) in the Faculty of Environment & Technology (FET) in the University of the West of England (UWE Bristol). I have worked at UWE since December 2011, initially for one year in the Faculty of Health & Applied Science.

I also do freelance work outside UWE, creating learning environments and courses in WordPress for private clients.

In my early career I worked both in Asia and the UK as a teacher of English as a foreign language.  I then worked as an education officer for non-governmental organisations (NGOs) for several years. I returned to teaching in 2009 when I taught international students studying foundation courses in preparation for entrance to British HE institutions.

My qualifications include a Postgraduate Certificate in Online & Distance Education (PGCert ODE) from the Open University and a Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language for Adults (CTEFLA). I am a UWE Learning & Teaching Associate Fellow. I also have an honours degree in Geography and a Master’s degree in International Relations.

I am submitting this portfolio for CMALT to evidence some of my achievements to date and as a way to help identify areas of my work which require development in order to further progress my career.